The NOSU Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) was established in March 2020 and marks the commitment of the NOSU to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The goal of the CSD is to assist in achieving 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in the NOSU and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, as well as to reduce the NOSU’s negative impact on the environment through carrying out infrastructural, educational and applied projects.

Centre for Sustainable Development established at the North Ossetian State University: link

CSD is working in the following directions:

Plans for 2020

  • Development of an educational course on Sustainable Development Goals. Its goal is to help students develop and carry out projects aimed at helping local community in areas respective of every Faculty.
  • Participation in an all-Russian interuniversity festival of sustainable development “Vuzekofest-2020»;
  • Curation of NOSU’s participation in student ecological quests by Association of “green” universities of Russia;
  • Curation of the NOSU’s participation in UI Green Metric and Association of “Green” universities of Russia rankings;
  • installation of bicycle parking
  • expansion of recycling system (NOSU is the first organization in North Ossetia to organize recycling system)
  • organizing educational events to promote student project and research activities in sustainable development;
  • organizing events in accordance with the UN calendar to promote principles of sustainable development.
  • organizing informal educational events for residents of North Ossetia


Lara Dzabolova, director and curator of Eco-movement SANSARA

Anastasia Kochieva, responsible for the Centre, volunteer of Eco-movement SANSARA

Sarmat Dzantiev, responsible for the Centre, volunteer of Eco-movement SANSARA



Tel: +7 918 838 54 21

Instagram: @sdgs.nosu

Twitter: @sdgsNOSU

Facebook: @sdgs.nosu

Address: North Ossetian State University Centre for Sustainable Development, 44-46 Vatutina street, rectorate, office 4.5