Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov North Ossetia State University is one of the oldest academic research centers in the North Caucasian Federal District. One of the priority projects of the Russia Ministry of Education and Science is a competition focusing on tertiary institutions as centers for creative innovation. In 2017 NOSU won this competition and was named the center of innovative, technological and social development in the region.

  • Education and Science

The university consists of seventeen schools and fifty-two departments. It has six functioning science and research centers. Recently, the Physics and Nanotechnology Collective Utility Center came into being.

The basic study fields for science and research at the university include new materials and nanotechnology; information and communication technology; biological and medical technology, biosystems technology; environmental management; multi-level educational systems; humanitarian and educational technology; intercultural communication; regional and international relations; regional socio-economic development, forecast and administration technology.

  • International cooperation

The international Iran and Northern Caucasus conference focused on history and future cooperation.

International participation has become one of the university’s highest priorities. NOSU collaborates with universities in China, Iran, Spain, Germany, France, Norway, Japan and the USA.

A delegation from the International Students Association of Russia visited the university to open a branch office.

In 2016 NOSU and the Allameh Tabataba’i University in Teheran signed a collaboration agreement.

  • Arts and sport

The university boasts with the Center of Creativity and Esthetic Student Development, the Center for the Realization of Youth Projects and Programs, the Atlas Student Sport Club and the Dolphin Sport and Health Complex.

An Information Center of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research opened at NOSU in 2018.

Every year various festivals are held, for instance Golden Fall, Student Spring and Green Apple.

Soslan Ramonov, became the Olympic champion in wrestling in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

  • Infrastructure

NOSU became one of the winners of the contest of programs for strategic development held by the Russia Ministry of Education and Science.

  • Famous graduates

Ruslan Tsalikov – Russian First Deputy Minister of Defense and recipient of the Order of Honor.

Bek Magometov – Chief Justice of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

Andrey Vorobyov – Russian politician, Governor of Moscow Oblast.