The rector of NOSU, Alan Ogoev, and the director of the Youth Theatre KVN (pronounced Ka Veh eN), Soslan Pliev signed an agreement of cooperation. This agreement strengthens mutual ties and create conditions for students’ creative self realization.
On the agenda is the development of the university’s KVN movement and the widening of creative contacts between university teams of the KVN-league. The University will annually host the Opening of the KVN Championship better known as the NOSU Cup.
According to Alan Ogoev, the NOSU team called City 313 has a great KVN future ahead of them. It is the third team of the republic which has entered the Higher League. In 1996 the team Vladikavkaz Life Savers performed on national television (Channel 1) and in 2006 the team Pyramid performed as well.
Soslan Pliyev added that the university and the Youth Theatre are planning to realize joint projects as well as host games and festivals. Not only universities will participate in the Open KVN Championship, the NOSU Cup, but also professional academies.
What lies ahead for the guys now is the finals of the First Television KVN League, which is scheduled for 27 November 2018. The teams going through to the Higher and Premier League are traditionally chosen during the Sochi Festival in January 2019.