The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is famous not only for its pleasant climate, captivating mountains and majestic rivers. Everything we have inherited from our ancestors is held in high esteem. It is no surprise then that we take special interest in the education of our young people.

Personal experience give me the right to advise everyone to unlock their potential at the North Ossetia State University, the leading tersiary institution in the region. We at NOSU have accumulated a vast range of experience in the preparation of qualified specialists, resulting in the formation of a strong tradition of friendship and brotherhood among the students. The number of international students is increasing, which we contribute to the quality of education students acquire here as well as to the socio-political stability and unity of different ethnicities in the Republic.

We are broadening the spectrum of possibilities for students in an environment where international mobility and exchange is growing. New spheres and fields are being developed and in the process a wide and diverse network of partnerships is being formed. To top it all the most hard-working and talented students are awarded substantial bursaries.

Studying with us is interesting, challenging and exciting. Numerous colorful festivals and sport events are held on campus. There is also a wide variety of creative studios operating at the University. Furthermore, students are offered comfortable rooms in our modern student residence.

NOSU is a university with endless possibilities and provides a great start to successful future careers. We don’t stand still but continue to move forward on the road of innovative development. Let’s step into the future together!

À. Ogoev