Eco-movement SANSARA is a team of NOSU students and staff that is engaged inrealization of environmental projects and initiatives. For example:

  • Planting trees in NOSU and the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania
  • Organized recycling system at the NOSU, making the university the first one to do so in the Republic
  • Installs bicycle parking in NOSU
  • Conducts educational and entertainment events in NOSU and in the Republic (ecological debates, lessons in schools, seminars for students, etc.)
  • holds days of common action in collaboration with the Association of “Green” universities of Russia

Interview with the curator of Eco-movement SANSARA on raising awareness on environmental crisis and importance of universities’ action, Sputnik News – Ossetia: link.

NOSU expands recycling system: link

Eco-movement SANSARA received a grant at the North Caucasus Youth Forum “Mashuk-2019”: link.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Newsletter with SANSARA Issue: Link.


SANSARA’s participation in Association of Green Russian Universities ecological quests


  • SANSARA participated in such quests as “Forestmania” and “Recycle with us 2.0”. As part of the quests, the team
  • planted trees at the NOSU
  • expanded recycling system at the NOSU (link)
  • prepared a series of blog posts with everyday eco-tips
  • organized a campaign for the collection of waste paper
  • conducted lessons for schoolchildren, film screenings and eco-debates on responsible forest management, and much more.

In both quests, the team took 2nd place.


In 2019, SANSARA was in the top 10 in All-Russian ecological quest “Recycle with us”. The team introduced recycling system at the University, which made the NOSU the first university in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania to do so, conducted eco-lessons and eco-lectures for schoolchildren and students, organized an eco-exhibition “Second Life of Things”, etc. As one of the winners, SANSARA took part in the III conference of “Green” Universities of Russia in Moscow, and won a grant at the North Caucasus Youth Forum “Mashuk-2019”.

NOSU students in top 10 teams of the “Recycle with us” environmental quest from the Association of “Green” Universities of Russia: link.



Tel: 7-918-838-54-21

Insta: @eco_sansara

YouTube: Eco-movement SANSARA