25 January, Russia Students Day (better known as Tatyana Day here) celebrates all studying youth. North Ossetia State University in honor of K. L. Khetagurov has become the regional center for the celebration of this festive event. The students enjoyed a theatrical program, street festivities, sport activities and cultural entertainment with regional flavor.

The festivity goers were really surprises by the appearance of a carriage with empress Elizaveta (daughter of Peter I). She is the person who signed a decree which institutionalized Moscow University. Students and guests at the festival saw a theatrical historical recreation of the issuing of this decree.

The republic’s students celebration was attended by the President of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania’s Administration, Taimuraz Tuskayev. He saw an exhibition of the achievements of NOSU in education, science, the arts and sport. “The future of our republic and our country depends on you ambitious, intelligent and young people. The main task is economic growth, therefore you need to study and seize every opportunity. Today a new economy is in the making, the economy of ideas. You need to find your worthy place in this space,” the prime minister noted.

Good news awaited students from the rector of NOSU, Alan Ogoyev. “We value the successes of our students, that is, achievements in your studies and your active participation in the academic and social sphere. The administration of North Ossetia State University will allocate nominal stipends to the best students. Altogether eight stipends – from the rector, the president and the vice rector – will be awarded to talented and enterprising students from the beginning of the next semester. These stipends will be worth 3000 rubles,” he announced. The idea of nominal stipends is supported by the head of the Ministry of Education in Vladikavkaz, Makharbek Khadartsev. The three best students will receive 5000 rubles each. According to the rector of NOSU this will be an incentive for intellectual development and it will assist the stipend recipients in their professional self realization.

The students of North Ossetia were addressed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Olga Vasilyeva via a video congratulation address. Students from North Ossetia State University and North Caucasus Federal University congratulated each other with their “professional” holiday during a video call.

The celebration continued with mass festivities consisting of real folk games, dance, vocal and musical instrument items, competitions on various stages, eating Ossetia’s beloved pies – which were prepared on the grounds of the university – and a lot more. The winners of competitions received tokens which they could exchange for souvenir gifts with the NOSU and Russia Student Day emblems. The highlight was probably when the rector of NOSU, Alan Ogoyev, joined the students in dancing the “Chepena” folk dance.