The rector of NOSU, Alan Ogoyev, invited economics two professors from the School of Business at Utah State University (USA), Dwight Israelsen and Christopher Fawson, to our university. Our guests will present lectures and seminars on such subjects as World Economy, Micro Economy, Economic Theory and Econometrics.

“We are extremely happy to restore friendship with our colleagues at your university. We sincerely appreciate their aspiration to educate the generation of the future,” Dwight Israelson noted.

These American academics are in North Ossetia due to the contract of cooperation between NOSU’s International Relations Faculty and Utah University.

In Christopher Fawson’s opinion visits like these enable us to solve shared problems. “We came to Ossetia with a group of students from our university. It is important for them to see with their own eyes how people live here and what your values are. After getting acquainted they take the best part back with them,” he added.

Both sides plan further visits from USA lecturers, student exchange, correspondence course and internship.

Alan Ogoyev invited all students and lecturers of economics faculties in the republic to attend lectures and seminars at NOSU. “Our American colleagues will tell us about some modern technologies in economy. It will be interesting and we will informatively share experience,” said the rector.