• General information

Our school was founded in 1920.

Post graduate studies

  • The History of Russia (up to PhD level)
  • General History
  • Political Institutes, the Study of Ethnic Conflict and National and Political Processes and Technology.

We have established fruitful and creative partnerships with our counterparts at tertiary institutions of the Russian Federation, USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Turkey, Poland and CIS countries.


  • Recent and national history.
  • General history and the history of political studies.
  • Russian history and Caucasian Studies.

Our graduate programs specialize in either General History or the History of Political Studies.
We also offer a PhD in National History.

The significant contribution of our academic staff enabled us to form a board for defending graduates in 1992. Since 1997 we have PhD dissertations in the National History department, resulting in the first dissertation board at NOSU. Since its inception the board is headed by the present president of NOSU, professor A. Magometov.

  • Our History

Our school is the same age as Kosta Khetagurov North Ossetia State University. It was one of the first two faculties when the Terek Institute for National Education opened on 21 August 1920. In 1924 it became the General Economics Faculty, then in 1927 Natural History and in 1932 History.

In 1934 the North Caucasus Education Institute and the Ossetian Educational Institute merged into the North Ossetia Educational Institute and the school of history consisted of two departments: The History of the USSR and General History.

When NOEI was transformed into North Ossetia State University in 1969 the departments of the history of the USSR before the revoltion, the history of USSR during soviet times, ancient and medieval history, new and recent history. At the end of the 1970’s on the intitiative of A. Magometov the North Caucasus archeological expedition is launched opened, which transformed into the Institute for Fundamental Research and has now become the History and Archeology Institute of NOSU.

The Dean is professor Zalina Plieva.


  • Contact information

Address: School of History, NOSU,  Building 10, 16 Tsereteli Street , Vladikavkaz. The Dean’s Office is on the 2nd flloor, Room 301.
Tel: +7 (8672) 53-23-47
email: istf@mail.ru