An unusual concert took place in the Post Graduate and Internship Building. NOSU’s international students prepared colorful and creative performances and presents for their lecturers and fellow students in the form of their very own concert.

The show took the form of a journey to their  native countries. The geographical origin of the participants cover a broad spectrum including countries from the CIS (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and the like), China, Iran, Morocco, Cameroon, the Republic of South Africa and more. The international students acquainted their audience with their culture and traditions through national cuisine, songs and dance and they were loudly applauded for their effort and showmanship.

The participants in the event welcomed NOSU’s Vice Rector of External Relations and Development, Alan Uadati. “The number of foreign students at NOSU is increasing. This can be contributed to the quality education they are able to receive, to socio-political stability and to the republic’s inter-ethnic cooperation policies. We will make every effort for you to be comfortable at the university,” he emphasized.

There are altogether about 200 international students studying at NOSU. The university also recently opened a regional branch of Russia’s International Students Association (ISA) to facilitate the cultural adaptation and integration of students coming from countries outside the Russian Federation.