Dr. Julia Afanasyeva, a candidate of psychological sciences and associate professor at the Psychology Department of SOGU, has developed a program to enhance the qualifications of specialists providing psychological assistance to participants of special military operations and their family members.

In particular, they will work with patients with post-traumatic stress conditions. Since the start of the special military operation, the demand for this type of psychological assistance has increased several times.

“A person in a combat zone experiences massive stress that radically alters their consciousness, and only processing the traumatic experience of combat allows the person to return to their previous life, free from fear and helplessness. That is why I have developed a special program,” noted Julia Afanasyeva.

The program has enabled practicing psychologists to study the physiological and psychophysical aspects of combat stress, acquire modern diagnostic techniques, and methods of psychological rehabilitation for servicemen and their families.

Currently, 13 psychologists have completed the program, with four of them practicing in other regions such as Krasnodar Krai, St. Petersburg, and Kaluga. The recruitment for the specialization course continues at the Center for Advanced Training and Retraining at NOSU.