An international scientific and practical conference was held at the North Ossetian State University, where the transformation of Russia’s international relations in modern conditions was discussed. The event was organized by the International Relations Faculty.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladikavkaz, members of the Eurasian Cooperation Association, as well as the expert community of the republic.

On behalf of the rector of SOGU, the Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Policy, Batraz Gudiev, expressed gratitude to the conference guests for their longstanding support and cooperation. He noted that such events become a platform for development not only for students of the International Relations Faculty, but for the entire university.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladikavkaz, Bagir Mamiev, emphasized that joint work is being carried out by the republic’s authorities to develop international relations in the current geopolitical situation.

“The republic should not stand aside from the ongoing processes, we must use the available resources to discover new opportunities and use them for the benefit of our region, to gain economic advantage,” he said.

As part of the conference, third-year students from the International Relations Faculty of NOSU presented the results of their research to the expert community.

Ali Bek Aguzarov dedicated his report to Iran’s economic policy in complex geopolitical conditions, highlighting the results of research on diversification processes in Iran under sanctions.

Salma Al-Shameri discussed Iran’s special place in Russia’s foreign policy, comparing trade, economic, and political cooperation forecasts between Russian and Iranian researchers.

Amina Kokaeva outlined directions for mutually beneficial cooperation among BRICS countries in the context of implementing Russia’s economic priorities.

Elizaveta Kokaeva presented a report on the specifics of Russian-Chinese trade relations, analyzing the positive aspects of trade, economic, and currency relations with China, as well as identifying issues in such cooperation.

In conclusion of the conference, the meeting participants encouraged future specialists and emphasized the important role of the North Ossetian State University in training professionals who will be able to participate in solving foreign policy issues and predicting processes in the global economy in the future.