As part of the All-Russian educational campaign “Knowledge. Science”, a round table meeting was held with the rector of the North Ossetian State University, Alan Ogoev, alongside the Council of Young Scientists and faculty members under the age of 35.

The university leader emphasized the importance of such a meeting, which allows for the activation of joint work among community members, establishing interaction with each other, sharing problems, and overall strengthening the scientific environment of young researchers.

“Today, science is undoubtedly made by young people, and in our country, generational continuity is preserved. It is necessary for young scientists to engage in solving global challenges, thereby strengthening our Russian technical sovereignty. We want young bright individuals to remain in the university, get employed in the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, so that we can unite all our efforts and resources to address the set tasks,” he noted.

The chair of the Council of Young Scientists at SOGU, a candidate of historical sciences Artem Egikov, discussed the current directions of the association’s activities, participation in grant and project development, career guidance work, as well as the goals and objectives for the year 2024.

During the discussion, young researchers shared their own experiences in teaching and research activities, talked about the professional difficulties they face. Together with the rector, participants discussed the differences between a researcher and a teacher, the qualities that define a young scientist, and also discussed the importance of financial incentives in work. Additionally, young scientists raised the issue of the need for creating accessible space for organizing joint meetings of representatives of the scientific community within the university. Alan Ogoev responded that he will address this matter.

In conclusion of the meeting, the university rector proposed to hold such meetings monthly in order to work productively on the existing issues and find solutions.