Students of the Chemical-Biological Faculty of NOSU won a project competition, received sponsorship support, and launched a book exchange on Book Giving Day, February 14.

An open library with bookshelves and cozy reading areas, sponsored by the company “Tsekh”, was set up in the faculty building.

During the grand opening, the general director of the company, Marat Edzoev, expressed gratitude to the students for their creative initiative.

“We are very interested in participating in such projects and grateful that you turned to us for help in realizing this wonderful idea. I hope these bookshelves will bring joy to students for many years,” Edzoev said.

The bookshelves were filled with books from students and teachers on the very first day. The Head of North Ossetia also contributed by donating a collection of works by Kosta Khetagurov. Two more books, “Creative Economics” and “Blockchain Technology,” were donated by the rector of NOSU, Alan Ogoev.

The Vice-Rector for Investment Development, Alan Kokaev, presented a book “My Life in Art” by K. Stanislavski from his personal library. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Zalina Zagalova, gifted a book from the series of popular science literature “Neuromythology.” The Dean of the Chemical-Biological Faculty, Fatima Agayeva, added Stephen King’s “Stand” to the shelves. The Dean of the Ossetian Philology Faculty, Elmira Gutyeva, of course, gifted the library the book “Gytsyl Prince” (“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry translated into Ossetian).

And, of course, the shelves were adorned with books authored by the president of NOSU, Akhurbeck Magomedov.

It is worth noting that this is already the second book exchange point on the university campus. Bookshelves with free access have been popular for many years at the Faculty of Russian Philology.