84 attendees received certificates for completing the preparatory course for foreigners at NOSU. Consequently, they qualify to continue their studies at Russian tertiary institutions. The majority choose to remain at NOSU.

“The number of international students have increased. The quality of teaching we offer facilitates this increase and in turn their success encourages social and political stability and interethnic harmony in our republic. We are doing everything in our power to make life comfortable for them”, the Head of Preparatory Office for Foreign Citizens Viktoria Saidzhanova, noted.

This year’s students come from a broad geographical range of countries: Turkmenistan, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, Tajikistan and Turkey. According to the director of the Preparatory Office for Foreign Citizens, Victoria Saidzhanova, the attendees could specialize in the following fields: the humanities, science, engineering, economy, and biomedicine.

Sakhypnazar Dzhumanzarov, from Turkmenistan plans to enroll at NOSU’s school of medicine.

“The course was quite hard, but I set myself the goal to enroll at university therefore I worked hard at my studies. We receive very good education here. A big plus is the beautiful natural surroundings,” he shared.

Just a reminder! A branch of the International Students Association recently opened at NOSU. This new organization facilitates the adaptation of international students to life in North Ossetia.