Dear Friends and Colleagues,

These days on the New Year’s Eve we all, regardless of our age, ethnic group, and confession, experience a similar feeling – anticipation of something new, change for the better, and we all hope our dreams will come true and (always!) as the clock strikes twelve we just pick the most sacred wish – for our children, parents, friends and the dearest ones!

I wish all the best to come to you, always!

And before the clock chime it is time to draw some conclusion. Perhaps it is not a good idea to mention all the achievements of the NOSU in 2021, and anticipation of the New Year is not the right feeling for it. However, I would like to share my joy with you because our huge University family has been successfully moving on its way to modernizing the academic process while our scientists made new discoveries and our students  have stood on top winning sports, academic, and arts contests!

Now, looking forward to this New Year, which is just round the corner, I do want to hope that it will bring us all new achievements in our activities aiming at developing the NOSU and turning it into a leading centre for science, education, and innovation. I also hope our new applicants will demonstrate the highest entrance results and then, joining the NOSU family.

On behalf of the entire team of the North-Ossetian State University I am happy to wish you and all your people a lot of health, peace of mind, confidence and well-being. Please enjoy your successes and true human happiness!

Happy New Year!