NOSU Centre for Sustainable Development organizes a series of events in the region for World Tourism Day at NOSU as a UNWTO Affiliate Member. The events are focused on promoting sustainable tourism in rural areas and specially protected natural areas and are organized in collaboration with such partners as the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture of the region, and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

NOSU international students were presented with detailed information about tourism in the region and educational resources on sustainability through following events:

  • Presentation of the regional Ministry of Tourism about tourism possibilities in the region;
  • Presentation of the NOSU Youth Tourism Club about development of student tourism and opportunities for students;
  • Presentation of the NOSU Centre for Sustainable Development on educational opportunities from the UNWTO e-library for NOSU as an Affiliate Member, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) library and online courses for NOSU as a member, and the NOSU online course on UN SDGs, planned to be launched  in collaboration with Spanish Partner Universidad Isabel 1.

NOSU international students were also able to learn more about the region during a tour to a recently reopened National Museum of the Republic, and a hike to Federal Specially Protected Natural Area “National Park Alania” to one of the local waterfalls.

NOSU tourism students in turn participated in an online educational game “Sustainable Tourism Development in Specially Protected Natural Areas” arranged by the NOSU Centre for Sustainable Development in collaboration with NOSU Department of Tourism, with participation of NOSU professors and regional experts in sustainable tourism from the Ministry of Tourism, Federal Specially Protected Natural Area “National Park Alania” and business sector.