On March 17, NOSU has transferred all its undergraduates and graduate students to the distance learning form.

The situation is contingent, there is no ready-made algorithm of actions, so the university asks students and teachers to understand the changes, participate and help those who now need help.

  • General points

All students are switching to a remote work format. The administrative apparatus of the university and teachers work (observing the preventive regime). The buildings will not close.

Students are asked to solve all arising issues online, through the headmen and deputy deans, minimizing attendance at the university.

The university does not expel anyone from the hostels, the hostels are not closed, but guests are prohibited. Students are advised to stay in Vladikavkaz, so as not to endanger other people: the virus is dangerous, especially for older people.

Mass events at NOSU are canceled.

The university has a hotline where you can ask your questions from 9 to 18 hours: phone +7 (8672) 33-33-73, #335. There is also around-the-clock hotline in the region, you can contact them with questions about seasonal viral infections: tel. 8 800 301 20 68. You can ask questions by mail:  connect@nosu.ru.

  • About education

Remote work format is not a vacation. Both NOSU courses and courses developed by other universities of the country and the world will be used: a common base is now open, universities help each other.

Teachers will monitor the attendance of online learning forms. Remote mode is not a reason for skipping webinars or not completing tasks.

For remote work you need gadgets. If someone has problems with them, you need to contact the dean of your faculty.

The Research library works, books can be ordered and received, but reading rooms are not recommended.

  • About science

The scientific work of the university is not suspended.

  • Prevention

If you feel unwell – call a doctor and report your status as a deputy dean for academic work.

In buildings and dormitories, all surfaces are treated with antiseptics. There are also hand antiseptics.

Mass events were canceled, everyone was recommended, if possible, not to gather in large groups.