On October 27,  the Geographical Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society took place in Russia and abroad. This large-scale educational event initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin was organized by the Russian Geographical Society for the firth time. As usual, the Dictation was held in North  Ossetian state university.

The goals of the dictation were:

  • To gather information about the geographical knowledge of the population of Russia;
  • To give people an opportunity to receive an independent assessment of their  geographical knowledge;
  • To motivate different population groups to study the geography of the native country, the knowledge of which is an integral part of an educated person;
  • To develop recommendations to improve the quality of geographical education.
Conducting of the dictation was based on the principles of voluntariness, openness, accessibility, anonymity, competence and synchronism. The participants answered 30 questions in 45 minutes. The questions were shown on a big screen and were provided with illustrations. The tasks were sounded by the familiar to all country voices.