The interim result of admissions at NOSU shows a sharp increase in prospective international students interested in studying at NOSU.

Last year 67 people from abroad studied at North Ossetia’s main university. Presently, 108 prospective students have already handed in their application forms. Applications for full-time study ends on 20 August and for part-time study on 30 October.

This year the prospective students represent a bigger variety of governments. Initially students came mainly from CIS regions like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Now we are noticing a new tendency. There is an increase in students from further abroad (Cameroon, Senegal and China). Altogether, there are 200 international students studying at NOSU. The most popular study fields are pharmaceutics, dentistry and Russian studies.

Last year NOSU created a Preparatory Office for foreigners. After completion of the course 84 attendees are continuing their studies at Russian universities of which the majority have decided to stay at NOSU.

An affiliate of the Association of International Students is stationed at NOSU, which helps international students to adapt to life in North Ossetia more easily.