The External Relations Office at NOSU sent the new foreign students of the university on an insightful excursion to the mountains.

The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is not only known for its pleasant climate, stunning mountains and stormy rivers. Everything they inherited from their ancestors is carefully preserved and cultivated. That is why the people here pay special attention to the education and upbringing of the next generation. Students from Guinea, Senegal, Cameroon, China, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan came to realize this when their hike turned out to be not only recreative but also informative.

“I got the opportunity to visit the Alani Holy Uspenski monastery and the City of the Dead. This is the first time I saw such interesting historical places. I liked everything, especially the mountains. They are stunning!” Vepa Ishangulyev from Turkmenistan shared with us afterwards.

The excursion was for students of the Preparatory Course for Foreign Citizens and their tour guides were students from the introductory tourism course at the School for Economy and Management. They spoke about the history of Ossetia and the natural treasures and resources of the Karmadon and Kurtatingorges.

“I took many beautiful photos in the mountains, which will be a memento of this day many years from now. Our relatives now know we are staying in breathtaking surroundings”, says Pape Duyuf Suleimane from Senegal. To conclude the guys and girls demonstrated their knowledge of the history and culture of Ossetia. The winners received souvenir copies of the book Treasures of Ossetia.