The Young Researchers Spring Workshop opened at the Center for Preparing and Realizing Youth Projects and Programs. The topic of the spring workshop was observation methods and social science data processing. This is the second workshop of its kind in Vladikavkaz orginized by NOSU and the European University in St Petersburg.

“The first workshop took place last year and was dedicated to conducting and analyzing field interviews. From the very beginning participants were actively engaged in discussion and the workshop was concluded with presentations, feedback and analysis of own interviews on the project theme,” Irbek Dzusov, a lecturer from the School of Sociology and Social Work announced.

The workshop took place from 25 May till 2 June. Students and post graduates attended sessions about modern sociological research methods. Participants got acquainted with the basic data collection methods of anthropologists and sociologists. As part of their practical assessment students had to analyze drawings and video material which contain subjective submitted data.

The workshop included two days of urban field work. On the first day participants were accompanied by their facilitators on a ‘field outing’ in small groups to various public venues in the city (an orthodox church, a sport centre for wrestling and a folkdance studio). Outcome and deduction data of joint field observation journals were compiled.

“Turning similar workshops into regular projects allows us to establish our partnership with a major regional university. Such cooperation leads to the realization of future joint research projects,” a representative from the European University emphasized.